Test Plague Marine

Got my test scheme plague marine done. Pretty happy with the color color scheme, though I did have some painting mistakes, but I’m just going to say they’re Nurgley rot and decay.

Fairy Garden Terrain

Yesterday at Hobby Lobby while I was getting stuff to build terrain, I saw these little buildings that my wife says are for “fairy gardens” whatever those are. Some of them were a bit too cutesy, but these look generic fantasy enough and the scale seems close enough too.

It has begun

I’d gotten the tiny First Strike 40k starter a few weeks ago when it came out as a curiosity, but Friday I picked up the full size Dark Imperium starter. It’s assembled and I’m waiting just sprayed primer on some Space Marines.


Just finished up these friendly neighborhood Bloodletters who are going to join forces with my heroic Bloodbound to fight the tyranny and oppression of Sigmar.

The Forty Miners

I’ve thought about Blood Bowl a few times since it came back, but wasn’t sure it’s ever get to the table so I’d passed until now. Luckily there’s a league down a local game shop and I’m diving in and of course I’m going with Dwarfs.

Path to Destruction

I almost forgot about this blog. I guess I’ve got some models to go back and uplaod pictures of. Anyways, I finally got these old Stone Trolls(now Rockgut Troggoths) painted. I love these big goofy models, but now I need to build a destruction army around them so I can get them on the table.