I’ve made a small amount of progress on my Kings of War army. Got a regiment of sheild breakers painted and put on a mutlibase and got my earth elemental painted. He’s my second try of his kind since I wasn’t aware that you can’t spray prime the Reaper plastics and the first version ended up sticky. So I had to paint him the hard way. I’m still not very good at painting, but at least it’s a step up from grey plastic or black primed army.

It’s been over a week of no alcohol, no coffee, and a healthier more plant based diet. The first noticeable effect, that I’m assuming is due to the lack of caffeine and alcohol, is that I’m sleeping better than I have in a long time. The better sleep combined with eating less junk has led to feeling more energetic not feeling so lethargic though out the day. I’m actually surprised at the lack of rebellion by body with these pretty big changes.  Maybe now that I don’t necessarily need to shut down when I get him, I’ll finally be able to make room for side projects. 

I was really hoping to get some solid Go coding experience under my belt with a new project I’d been working on, but it’s closely tied to some other projects I’ve done that are all in Python and I kept running into instances where I’d have to redo a lot of work I’d already done. But at the end of the day I decided that the experience would be worth it and persevered in Go. As luck would have it, as soon as I made that decision, a bunch of other suddenly needed doing, so I guess I’ll go back to Python. Maybe next time. 

Technically it’s the end of the February and well into the new year and these updates only coincidentally are occurring now and aren’t part of some grand New Years resolutions. A big part of what I’ve been doing is decluttering in various different ways. The first kind of decluttering has been in my Internet life. Twitter is gone for me. It’s just such a time waster and a rather toxic environment. Even when people I agree with are talking about issues, the delivery on Twitter makes me want nothing to do with it. So I flat out deactivated that account. Facebook went a little differently. I had already unfollowed most of my “friends” and I realized that other than people[…]

Switched my unread and rarely updated blog over to WordPress. Google seems to have forgotten about Blogger and I expect it to find itself on the receiving end of a Google GTFO message in the next year or so to join the ranks of Google Reader and others. I’m not a fan of switching to PHP software, but there don’t seem to be many good open source blogging platforms.  The only other “big” option seems to Ghost, and I’ll take PHP over nodejs nonsense any day. 

Well it looks like I’ve not posted an update here since the end of 2014. Last post was about big changes of the year ending then and I suppose things are going largely the same. A new addition to the family, a baby girl Emma, but otherwise things are going smoothly and samely. Though now that things are stable, I guess there are a few things I’d like to change up in two general areas: get healthy and get creative.  Let’s start with getting healthy. Of course the two pillars of health are diet and exercise. On the exercise front, I’m never going be at the gym in 26 minutes, but I am trying to at least get a little[…]

As usual when I start a new blog, I made a couple posts and promptly forgot about, but I’ll keep trying. There’s been some pretty big changes for me in the past few months. The biggest change that sort of holds all the other changes is that I’ve moved from the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio to Murfreesboro, Tennessee not far from Nashville. It started out as dipping my toes in the Nashville job market by being really picky and only applying for one job in the Nashville area. I found a job listed on Indeed for a Linux Systems Engineer position that looked like it offered everything I was looking for in a job and I applied by firing off[…]

While I like my job and don’t have any reason to leave it anytime soon, there is a bit of a problem. I’m just a bit too comfortable where I’m at. I get to play with a lot of neat things(despite the issues faced, vSMP is really a cool bit of technology), but they’re in a rather narrow subset(HPC and supporting technology in my case). Of course it’s not a problem unique to me, lots of people comfortable in their little narrow subsets of technology they use at work. I’ve not touched a Windows server in years and barely know PowerShell. I’m just now hearing about docker. I’ve even been missing out on things like Chef and Puppet because I[…]

I keep saying I’d like to try to make video games, but since you have to walk before you can run, I always get bored and stop when trying to make some sort of simple games as a stepping stone to the games I actually want to make. I think I’ve found a way to motivate me to make the simple game I usually don’t care about and make a pretty cool gift for my daughter. My plan is to make a Mario-like 2D platformer that features her as the star. I’m using Godot as the engine and that seems to be working out pretty well. It seems powerful and scriptable enough to let me do what I need to[…]