Switched to WordPress

Switched my unread and rarely updated blog over to WordPress. Google seems to have forgotten about Blogger and I expect it to find itself on the receiving end of a Google GTFO message in the next year or so to join the ranks of Google Reader and others. I’m not a fan of switching to PHP software, but there don’t seem to be many good open source blogging platforms.  The only other “big” option seems to Ghost, and I’ll take PHP over nodejs nonsense any day. 

Uh, so a year and a half

Well it looks like I’ve not posted an update here since the end of 2014. Last post was about big changes of the year ending then and I suppose things are going largely the same. A new addition to the family, a baby girl Emma, but otherwise things are going smoothly and samely. Though now that things are stable, I guess there are a few things I’d like to change up in two general areas: get healthy and get creative. 

Let’s start with getting healthy. Of course the two pillars of health are diet and exercise. On the exercise front, I’m never going be at the gym in 26 minutes, but I am trying to at least get a little more active mostly by trying to walk more. Diet is my main problem. I either eat terribly or I try out some strict diet regimen that I’ll realistically never stick too. So I’m just working in a gradual process to move what I eat in general to something more healthy and bring the rest of my family along too. While I don’t drink a lot I’ll probably start preferring red wine over beer(since light beer is never okay) and even that in moderation. I’m not looking to get a “beach body”, but I’d like to drop few pounds and feel a bit better. 
The creative side is mostly about the setting aside of time for myself and doing things that are either directly creative or get me thinking creatively. So that means setting aside time to read, watch movies and good TV, but also stuff around table top war gaming. Between building and painting models, reading back stories, and fighting “imaginary” battle, the hobby actually gets me in a very creative mood. Once I do get my brain in a creative mode, I just need to write more. Whether it’s novels, short stories, world building, or even blogging more, I’m going to write more. 
So I’ve got myself in a place where I’m stable and content, but now I’m going to try to push things forward a bit more to see if I can add feeling accomplished to that list.